Frequently Asked Questions

What Does BoTown Global VIP Services Offer?

Botown Global VIP Services is taking entertainment to the next level around the world & how people share their experiences! We offer a complete experience from Your VIP room accommodations all the way to a trip to Space! YES Space! Let us build your complete day life, nightlife, show or excursions plans to ensure you have a memorable experience no matter where you go in the world! We make sure your treated like royalty with NO waiting, No hassles, NO hidden fee’s & a worry free experience! We set the industry standard & always looking to improve & bring more for our clients!

How Many Clients Do You Have A Weekend?

Depending on the weekend in Las Vegas, 5-15 average clients are handled by our Botown Global VIP staff. Major Holiday weekends can bring 20 plus clients, so whatever the size of your party, we GUARANTEE a worry free experience EVERY time! We are booking group experiences all over the world so we do expect our number to increase even more! Growth is the key to every successful buisness so we are excited for our future at Botown Global VIP Services!

Why Do I Need A VIP Host?

From the moment you make a connection w/ one of our Botown Global VIP Services agents, you are assigned to a PERSONAL VIP hosts that will cater to your EVERY move & need throughout your stay where ever you go! We arrange and supply a complete itinerary for your stay so everyone is on same page and everything goes as smooth & as planned with NO worries! We have very strong relationship with all door personal & do a lot of volume so we are treated like kings upon arrival ALWAYS! So a host is so you have ZERO worries & have an amazing experience no matter where you go in the world!

Why BoTown Global VIP Services?

With as many Vip services companies there are in Las Vegas & across the globe, only Botown Global VIP Services has a reputation for ONLY the BEST Concierge Services to use every time when planning the dream vacation! With 20 years experience & over $10 million in revenue in the national nightlife & casino industry we GUARANTEE our services 110% & thats our promise to every client!

Why Do I Need A VIP Line Pass?

  • We meet you in person in front of designated Pool party or Nightclub!
  • We let you know current pricing so you get BEST deal w/ us!
  • We walk you rt. in w/ NO wait like a rockstar!
  • VIP Poolside Bottle Service Available

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Why do I want VIP Table Services at a Nightclub or Pool?

Bottle Service.

Since the introduction of bottle service in early 2000’s along w/ the addition of EDM & house music djs as well as producers, the price of admission has risen by 500% to enjoy an evening w/ friends in a Vegas club!

We GUARANTEE the location you want, the NO wait promise & NO hidden fees or surprises. Botown Global has earned priority VIP tables at all clubs & pools so there is never a worry about your table package we customized for your experience! Feel like a rockstar w/ your own personal security to ensure both your comfort & protection. Your VIP bottles are already on your table when you show up! Now thats VIP bottle services!

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