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The SEAL Team 6 Experience

Get in the trenches with of one of the most famous special operations and combat units in the world. This package includes the M249 SAW, M4, Tactical Shotgun and Glock 19.

The Gamers Experience

Get the Video Gamers’ Experience in our state-of-the-art indoor gun range and shoot the guns you fight with online, like the Glock 17, M4, MP5, & the AK47. Then take that knowledge online and dominate your favorite FPS games like Call of Duty TM, Counter-Strike TM, Medal of Honor TM and Battlefield TM.

The Femme Fatale Experience

Ladies, we promise to give you the experience of a lifetime—and we know that once you pick up your first big-girl gun, you won’t want to put it down. This package includes the: Glock 17, MP5 & the Pink M4.

$299 Package

Start your day off with a trip to the Mojave Desert with your trigger-finger on semi-automatics. Set your sights on exploding tannerite targets as you wield the Beretta M9 handgun, the MP5, M4, Remington 700 and the infamous AK-47.

$599 Package

Take your Vegas weekend to the next level with the $599 Outdoor Shooting package in the Mojave Desert. Shoot an epic variety of industry favorites like the M60, M4, AK-47, Desert Eagle and the Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle.

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