Professional Partier

September 25, 2015 by bcadmin

Allanmartin Doherty


“Come party with me in Las Vegas”

Yes! Professional global partying is my life. After 6 years in the USMC traveling worldwide, I knew I wanted my last breath to be in a party of some sort! When partying globally, the 1st round of friends usually goes to bed. That’s when I jet set to the After Hours scene to hang out with the likes of Tiesto, Eric Morillo, Carl Cox, Dennis Rodman & many bottles next to Paris Hilton. Maybe it’s just doing shots w/ Mike Tyson or Dennis Rodman. I’ll Jet set off to Asia with Chris Garcia and Flowfly on a whim & round up the asian hotties that know how to have fun 😉 ! Maybe Talk about the social life with my buddy Shawn Fanning. Always outlasting all my friends worldwide, I’ve always needed replacements. WTF? You name it and I’ll arrange it. Do you get it? I am that #wingman! All the ladies are my jewelry and I’ll change it like my next cocktail. If the ladies are enjoying the party, then they belong to the wolf pack. Who’s ready?

P.S. Don’t forget your designer sunglasses!


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