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BoTown Global VIP Services has consulted, produced, promoted, and managed specialty events for some of the world’s largest tradeshows and conventions in Las Vegas. We understand the goals of your show’s management team. More importantly, we understand the convention / tradeshow model for ‘official sanctioned events.’ We understand the ‘hospitality factor’ and the importance of experienced liaisons. Allow Las Vegas relationships and connections to become yours.

Use BoTown Global VIP Services to:

  • Increase Sponsorships
  • Increase Your Event’s Attendance
  • Increase Your Event’s Impact
  • Increase Your Profits

How Important are Your Las Vegas Events?

It may be no surprise to you that the professionals and enthusiasts that attend your convention/tradeshow every year sometimes consider your event a business priority and a partial vacation, and in some cases, their only vacation. With the thousands of cities across the nation – or world for that matter – why do you or your business have your events in Las Vegas? It’s no big secret that making Las Vegas your choice location helps increase your attendee numbers and entices people to clear their schedules and make your tradeshow a must. We have discovered through our surveys of tradeshow attendees that they love the aspect of attending the scheduled event, but also want to experience the world – renowned nightlife Las Vegas has to offer!

Over 90% of your attendees go out to experience Las Vegas nightlife (nightclubs, lounges, bars, etc.) as well as other events in Las Vegas. They do get out, so why not to your sanctioned events to continue your brand recognition? They are seeking related nightlife experiences to continue your tradeshow or expo’s culture and excitement! Through our surveys of tradeshow attendees, we know that an attendee’s experience outside of the tradeshow /convention hours is very important to them. More importantly, they are seeking to continue their business and networking after their scheduled tradeshow business hours. No matter the convention content, they look forward to outside or related nightlife and leisure activities while in the city of Las Vegas.

Are your officially sanctioned events being overshadowed by exhibitor or non-official sponsors?

Are your attendees seeking a better event experience than you may have been providing, or what they believe you may provide? We can assure you that it’s not all about the budget. A BoTown produced event will assist your event management team and increase both the participation and sponsorships from your exhibitors / sponsors, while increasing the number of attendees to events. The more fun a person has while attending an official or sanctioned tradeshow event, the more likely they will return, and the more they will talk about it. More importantly, they will want to bring more staff and associates the following year. Have your exhibitors and sponsors showcased, stand out , and have your event be remembered long after your convention or tradeshow is over.

Have you ever experience issues / problems with Las Vegas venues and their staff?

There will be absolutely no problems for your attendees to gain access into the designated Las Vegas venues (nightclubs / lounges), and there will be no line hassles with BoTown Global VIP Services staff managing your event. Our events have BoTown’s staff members present in order to assure your attendee’s and guest’s entry without incident. BoTown’s staff members are in direct contact with venue management and VIP staff at every nightclub in Las Vegas. We are the only specialized event group in Las Vegas that has expertise with providing a hassle-free experience with Las Vegas nightlife staff. We assure your tradeshow guests prompt, courteous and hassle free service at these establishments. We are your Las Vegas nightlife friends in town. We provide:

  • Full event planning & production
  • On-site event marketing & promotion
  • Event management & hospitality – we assist your VIPs & guests to assure the most memorable experience
  • Professionalism when working in-tandem with your staff and team
  • Supreme brand exposure and recognition
  • A high quality and energetic show experience
  • Security staff & hosts
  • Professional photographers and videographers
  • Additional AV branding and production for venue/event

#1 IN LAS VEGAS CONVENTION & CORPORATE NIGHTLIFE EVENTS ! Call us today to discuss your next Las Vegas Event!

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